A metal roofing system is a type of standing seam roof that is often used on sloped roofs. Standing seam metal roofing is installed by running continuous metal panels down the length of the roof. The roof is smooth, except for raised vertical lines running from the ridge of the roof to the eaves. Typically, standing seam roofing lasts longer than asphalt shingle roofs. Standing seam roofing is also lightweight, easy to maintain and has a high degree of environmental friendliness. Pierce Lee Roofing can buy and install almost any standing seam. Our company uses roll formed panels or will use prefabricated panels according to the customer's preference.

We also sell profiles for Una-Clad, Firestone, Pac Clad and Carlisle. At Pierce Lee Roofing, our Carlisle custom sheet metal fabrications come with an ES1 certified warranty, which means our customers don't have to worry about damage done by wind and uplifts. ES1 is the first roof edge standard developed to ensure superior installation of any quality metal roof edge system and improve longevity and safety of low-slope commercial roofs.

The following brands can do color coordination with our manufacturers: Carlisle TPO and PVC Colors, Firestone, Pac Clad, Metal Sales and Berridge.

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